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douglas's 6%. jim graham won his reelection bid with 57% of the vote. harry thomas was also victorious in ward 5. well, the third time turned out to be a charm. he won the democratic primary in a five-way race for county executive. he could replace retiring county executive johnson. let's take a look now at the numbers. miael jackson came in a distant second followed by dean. this is bak's thirdry for the job. >> i think the people have
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spoken. d i think the message is loud and clear. prince george's, it's time to make a good county great. >> baker seasonally wins the top post. no republicans are challenging him in november. montgomery county executive race, doug louse rosenfeld won 69% to 31%. rosen feld will face leggett, the first african-american elected to that office and unopposed in the democratic primary. let's take a look at our forecast for the day. nice day after election? >> certainly off to a beautiful start. no fog. clr sky. off to a cool start. many locations in the 50s right now in washington. temperatures, as we look around the region, low to mid-60s
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there. upper 50s in prince george's county. mid-50s in montgomery. near 60 near the bay. away from the water,idewater gion and eastern shore only in the 50s. and out of the mountains, a chilly morning in the 40s. western maryland and west virginia over the last 12 hours we have had high pressure giving us clear sky. plenty of sunshine with highs reaching low 80s, low humidity. increasing clouds on thursday. a shower after sunset thursday evening. drying out by friday afternoon. details on that in just a few minutes. tom, good morning. as we get under way, wre doing pretty well along the 95 corridor as you head north from stafford to the capital belays. both directions, no really hangups. and travel lanes are open. bay bridge, overnight road work at th bay bridge and then an
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accident after that which forced authorities to shut down the bay bridge for a while. everything has been cleared up. the accident is go. looks like construction should be out by 5:00. weep keep you updated. >> okay, jerry, thanks. this morning marks a new era in the district. the city will have a new mayor. gray defeated fenty in the primary. gray will be speaking later today. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it turns out the polls were right. it looks like vcent gray has won the nomination for the democratic party to be the next mayor of washington, d.c. there was a celebration just a few hours go. final numbers showed chaian vincent gray won 53% of the vote. 67-year-old gray came into city politics le but rose rapidly.
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now he is preparing to be mayor. >> now it's time for us to look forward. now we can work to unite our great city. so every resident has not only a voice but a role in attacking the challenges we face ahead. >> now, the germ election november 2nd should just be a formality unless there is a major right write-in candidate. today at the washington court hotel behind me at noon, gray will be addressing the pubc and telling them what he will do the next phase of his campaign. >> we'll check in with you later. tracy, thank you. mor fenty is conceding defeat.
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his spokesman said he will call gray. he said, though, he had not given up yet when he spoke to his supporters last night. >> there is probably no hour too late that not all of you are going to stay until we are victoous. >> a spokesperson tells us it's too early to decide what isext for the mayor. one person crashed into plate glass windows. the volunteer cut his head b he was conscious and walked to the plans under his o. >> he will now look ahead to general election where he will face ulich.
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and the two have already started sparring in what may become one of the most intriguing races of 2010. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley will need a big turnout come november. >> our country is going through three years of the toughest economy we have seen since the great depression. none of us is happy. i'm angry our economy was run into the ditch. i'm angry because wall street pankers wrecked our economy and took our savings. we're all angr >> we left here with a budget surplus. a lot of money in a rainy day fund. lef here on a pretty high level. all that's gone now. >> we have improved our schools, to have reduced crimeo its
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lowest level since 1975, a job level twice what the rest of the nation is doing are all good stories to tell. >> it doesn't mean you can't get your 3, 40%, 402%. to theextent a republican can be competitive and get in the 40s or mid high 20s, you're gog to win the race. >> o'malley holds a 3 percentage point lead in recent polls. senator barbra mckul ski won 80% of the vote. she faced six challengers in the primary. she is looking for her fifth term in november. she is expected to be a heavy favorite against eric, who won the gop nomination. he took nearly 39% in a crowded 10-candidate race. stay with us throughout the morning for more election
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results. you can see all the results on 4:38. details about a new plan that could haveou paying to drive on the beltway. an american hiker who spent months in prison in iran is finally fre what she's saying this morning. >> tom has your forecast straight ahead. strai[ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network.
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good morning. there's the capital under a clear sky this morning. just above that shot we can see jupiter off to the west. it's gleaming like the hope diamond and a clear sky. temperatures around the region now in the 50s in the suburbs and rural areas. only mid-60s in washington. near 60 near the bay. atlantic peacs, out in the mountains, only 40s. nny today. highs in the mountains in the 70s. elsewhere, low 80s. tomorrow,en cleesing clouds. high 80s. could get showers thursday evening. sun back after noon highs. say look at sunday and next week. the most powerful hurricane of the season so far. igor increased in strength overnight. the latest track in ten minutes. if you're headed into town this morning, you're about the only one.
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very light traffic. good news is, bottom line, no worries into town for the moment. let's update you elsewhere for the american leej bridge. river road down across the bridge, lanes are open. looking good. >> thank you, jerry. our ti, 4:42. still to come, the results are in for several big primary elections around the country. and som tea party members came out on top. what ma means for those in washington. and what forced the eiffel tower to be evacuated. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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it's time for fios. visit verizon.cometfios. call the verizon center for customers wh disabilities at 800-974-6006 y/v. washington will soon have a new mayor. vincent gray defeated mayor adrian fenty. gra declared victorythis
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morning and a fenty spokesman said he plans to call. he will not be a write-in candidate and gray faces no republican in november's general election. baker is in line to replace jack johnson. he's leading in a five-way race. incumbents may face heat as another candidate swept the gop in delaware. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> the tea party favorite who republica said couldn't be elected dog catcher won the
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party senate nomination in delaware. in new york, political newcomer carl palodino overcome his cllenger's 40-point lead to become the republican's candidate for governor. >> if we've learned anything tonight, it's tt new yorkers are as mad as hell. he'll take on andrew cuomo. ancharlie rangel beat five other democrat and a dozen ethics charges for his bid to stay in washington. >> no matter what they say, i go back to washington stronger than i've ever been. >> in all, five nominees and six more candidates for governor were democrats e hoping to hold on. local council chair gray led fenty by 9,000 votes. >> tonight the people of the district sent a mental loud and clear that they wan to bring
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integrity and leadership back to the mayor's office. >> that may be the final word. thre's no republican running against him this fall. so far eight members of congress have lost their primaries. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. for more information on all the local and national races that took place yesterday, just visit our website, happening today, area transportation leaders will offer toll roads and meet to discuss a new plan. the board wants to create a 1650 mile network. the capital beltway, 295, 395, 66 and the george washington parkways are the roadways under construction. specific rates not part of the current proposal. they would depend on location and time of day. it includes a 500-mile rapid transit bus system that would se the toll network. the remains of a fallen
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soldier will be exhumed later this morning. he was killed by a roadside bomb four years ago. it comes at the request ofis father who lives in canton, ohio. he said the recent controversies, look with inconsistencies in his s's paperwork, led him to petition for the xumation. one ofhe two johns hopkins studen struck by a suspected drunk driver last week has died. a car hit her and a fellow student, melissa bass, before running into a restaurant. she died from herinjuries last night. the 26-year-old was from austria and a grad student at the hopkins school of advanc international studies. she spent her first year in italy before coming to
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washington. >> all of us are devastated. those very close friends who spent a year in italy and now have come to washington are particularly devastated. >> the driver involved has been chard with aggravated assault and dring while xokted. >> one of the three american hikers detained in iran is waking up a free woman this morning. sarah shourd was reloosed after a year in jail. she flew to amman where she reunited with her mother. e said her thoughts were with the two americans she had to leave behind. >> my first priority is to help my fiancee josh fattal and my friend shane bauer.
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>> bail was paid yesterday but it is not yet clear who paid it. u.s. officials are calling for the release of shane bauer and josh fattal. showered was with them in iraq when they strayed across the unmarked border. a scare turned out to be a false alarm but a bill is currently making its way through the french parliament. it would ban face coverings islamic veils in public. no one claimed responsibility yet for the bomb threat. a wildfire continues to burn out of control in northern colorado. strong, gusty winds could pose a problem for firefighters trying to put out the fire in loveland. it burned more than 700 acres of dry brush and trees and prompted several evacuations. some families were allowed to check on their homes. they believe the fire was started over the weekend by two
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people burning leaves and tree branches at a home. 4:51 is the time. here's tom. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have parched conditions here. we need some rain. there's a smal chance of maybe some rain after sunset thursday night. between now and then, another dry day under wa good morning. as we start off this wednesday morning, temperatures in the mid-60s in washington. low 60s near the bay. eastern shore, northern maryland, around t tiwater, only near 60 to upper 50s prince george's county, upper 50s, as well as arlington county. fairfax and montgomery counties in the mid-50s. blue ridge, shenandoah and much of the western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the 40s this morning. eastern shore away from the waters in the fist. over the last 12 hours, we've had high pressure moving in again. it's right over us. going to give us another dry day with plenty of sunshine.
4:52 am
meanwhile, out in the tropics it is active. hurricane igor, a powerful, large hricane. the extent of the cloud cover is about 1,000 miles wide. you can see the well-formed eye. weaker hurricane julia far to the east of that. we have a tropical storm carl drifting over yucatan and central america over the next couple days. here's the lates track. winds down to 145. was 155 overnight. still looking like the track will take tight east of bermuda thankfully osaturday afternoon and evening. perhaps close enough for rough surf. we'll have our temperatures through the moing in the 50s and 60s. then by noon, upper 70s. during the afternoon, low 80s with lots of sun. nset, 7:16. a mostly clear evening with a crescentoon in the western sky. six in the evening. near 60 by dawn tomorrow
4:53 am
morning. a front passing to our north. we'll have increasing clouds and perhaps a small chance of a passing shower after sunset tomorrow night. friday morning, some clouds. ought to clear out during the afternoon. sarday, mostly sunny. morning lows, 50s. suny sunday, low 80s. low humidity. remaining dry into next week. >> in the overnight hours there had been road work. for the most part, things are looking good. no road work along i-270 southbound. good news, most of it has been picked up. let's see if that's going to be the case as well for those of you making the trip into town by way of new york avenue. around the bend, an costa, all the way to the third street tunnel. everything is a-okay so far. joe? >> all rht, jerry. thank you. >> thanks, jerry.
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our time right now, 4:54. a clash over cameras. why the technology forced local bus drivers to stop working and go out on strike. goo [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone
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and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you'vgot competition as daddy'favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit
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good morning. welcome back. talks have broken off between a private bus company and the union representing its drivers.
4:57 am
service on the bus has been cut in half as drivers continue to strike for betterpay and working conditions. news 4's derrick ward reports. >> reporter: the strike began money. nearly 150 drivers who worked for viola transportation traded in the bus line for the picket . >> wages, job security. >> reporter: the demands are simple. a full lunch hour. one of the big problems are security cameras that have been ounted in the buses. the company put them there for safety but drivers say it threatens them because they come on when you step on the brakes. >> most time we will get suspended -- i mean given days
4:58 am
off. >> reporter: 25 routes are affected. service continues but it's scaled back. >> we have trained replacement drivers we found from other locations. people have to be certified. right now we have 31 of 60 that are operating. there will be more every day. >> so far passengers on a number of lines aren't feeling the pinch yet. they prefer the bus over metrobus. this is quicker. what are you going to do ift doesn't come today? >> call my mom. >> reporter: these drivers say they don't want the public to be hurt and they apologize for any conveniences. they know their place is behind the wheel. but they said they will be here for as long as it takes to get demands met. >> we want to go back to work.
4:59 am
>> the bus serves 14,000 riders every day. that's about 40% of the county's public transportation need. rides on the bus will be free while this strike continues. this may be thebest time ever to be a working woman in america. the notorious wage gap is continuing to shrink. women now earn 83% to every dollar eared by a man. a decade ago it was 76 cents. in 1979, it was 62 cents. more women are in the workforce than men. not surprising there. >> not surprising. but still considerably less. >> still 83 cents. it's got to be the same. >> yeah, it ds. time 4:59. news 4 continues now at act 5 a.m. ct 5 a.m. 5 a.m.

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